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    D'Arcy-Kane represents a unique array of writers, publications and performing arts companies. Their work and performances are generally available for production and publication. However, all of their work (including work that appears on this site) is protected by copyright and other forms of registration, and all rights are strictly reserved by the individual artists. As a Literary Agency and Artists Representatives, we provide reading copies of our clients' work only to registered producers and agents.. Published versions and acting editions of plays as well as the published books of our authors and poets are available from AviarPress and other publishers. 

    It's our privilege to feature some of our clients on this site. For more details about their work, just click on a name. For more information about the availability of their work, click here

    Selena Zachai, poet and dancer, weaver of dreams, her collection of poetry, Shadows of Silver is scheduled for publication. 

    Arthur Meiselman, writer, playwright, and director... his latest work is in Scene4 Magazine and the new repertory of the Talos Ensemble

    Iri Kopal, Playwright, poet, lyricist, imagist, his stark drama has been produced in Europe and Asia, his unique images have been exhibited in Asia, and gathered in private collections

    Fannie Adler, a lost writer whose voice is just now being heard in an astonishing new work: Journal of a Hidden Voice

    Lester Cole, legendary Hollywood screenwriter, critic, teacher and novelist, one of the founders of the "Screenwriters Guild" (now the Writers Guild of America), and one of the "Hollywood Ten". 

    Jevrah Stone, writer of magic, faerie tales, poet and painter, he "gypsies" around the world gathering words and images and songs. The first collection of his tales is scheduled for publication.

    Talos Ensemble , A touring repertory company. New work includes
    Shows Of One.

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