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Writer, playwright, director, poet and zingaro, his work has a worldwide audience. He was raised in the New York theatre, trained there and in Europe. He created the first American combined dka-120-0816crtheatre and dance repertory company, The Ensemble , and was the artistic director of a series of performing companies based in the U.S. and Europe. An original member of the CBS Workshop and the CBC Sunday Night series, he has produced and directed in an array of media. Currently, he directs the Talos Ensemble, Talos Films, and is a consulting director for the Suun Suun Sii theatre in SE Asia. He is also the editor of Scene4 Magazine and a producer/director for AemageFilms. AviarPress publishes acting editions of his plays and some of his other work.

Singing Nights Into Silent Days
    Concerto for One

The Lyriana Nocturnes
    Bolero Négro
    Sea Fire

    Midnight Mourning

Plays and Screenplays
Phantom Glass
The Adventures of Hollywood Red
They Saw It Coming
Richard In Ruin
Times in Time
     Love and Cigarettes
     The Thing Man or The Man With the Thing
     The Reunion

Medea Noir

Night Rituals
     Cabalisto Cabal
     Tango De Sade

Variations On A Theme of Maurice Ravel

Madelin de Rumba
A play about a woman and her dummy

The Ballad of the Flowering Heart
A play on family values, the neglected assumptions of relationships, the ignored private lives of children.

All The Chillun
adaptation of Eugene OīNeillīs
"All Godīs Chillun Got Wings")

Camus Under Glass
10 Short Plays )
Variations On A Theme of Albert Camus)

NightDances: 1001 Adventures In Time
(20 Short Plays)

Jody Thomas Doesnīt Want To Die
A death-row inmate, just before the appointed time of execution, manages to grab a weapon and hostages. What does he have to lose? How do you negotiate with him?

Firedance - Trilogy - Awakening/Journey/Dreams.
Against a backdrop of accumulated disillusionment, the 1960's, the Kennedy assassinations, the Vietnam war, the Nixon fiasco, a family disintegrates as sibling lovers emerge. .

Hello And... Goodbye!
A duet of two unlikely victims of the AIDS plague

Aladdinīs Electric Lamp
A light, sinister comic fantasy.

The Wafer
An eerie parallel to the Christ-story set in a third-world revolution.

The Sarahs
In a series of comic and terrifying events,
three women reaffirm their identities and reconnect a stronger, more lasting bond between them

Crossing The Line
Games of love, illusions and transparent masks.

The Philosopherīs Stone
An old Jewish man, a life-long tinkerer, now slipping into the fog of Alzheimerīs, discovers the alchemistīs secret of the ages -- a way to convert ordinary lead into gold.

Night's Candles

The Burning of Time

Sex with Juana La Loca

Opera in Mute

Tango: The Sacred Dance of M. DeSade

The Rise and Fall of the Lost City of Atlantis

Etched In Nth

2002: A Space Absurdity

Death Is A Guitar And Dancer

End Sorrow

The Revolt Of Brother Christ

In The Eyes of a Stranger
At The Riverīs End: Chanchala
Conversations Seldom Overheard
The Long Voayge Home

Poetry and Songs
Voyages In Another Galaxy
Seven Days In Råå
Songs of Selena's Blue Wolf
Mango Dreams and Other Times of Day

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