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Talos is a company of actors. At its core is the unconditional belief that the actor is the predominant and unequalled artist in the theatre. In the past, the company has attempted a series of approaches to achieve that rare, ethereal combination — the performing ensemble. There are no known directed theatre ensembles in the world today, and there have been only a handful in the last 100 years.

Talos' approach is through the selection of writing tailored for the company, its development and rehearsal process, and specialized company training. Talos evolved from two previous theatre companies: The Ensemble, the first American combined theatre and dance repertory company in San Francisco and Chicago, and Atlantis Theatre Company, an experimental performing group that explored new and unusual venues in both the U.S. and Europe.

Currently based in Seattle, Talos has developed a new performance medium that merges theatre, film and digital graphics with the adamant use of lighting and music. Primarily a global touring company, Talos brings its self-contained productions into a wide variety of venues as it provides its audiences with a unique performance experience that flows between stage and screen.


Company Contact: Jessica Rosen

Company Website: Talos Ensemble

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